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Yogacorns Yoga Dice

Yogacorns Yoga Dice

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They bend, they stretch, they LOVE yoga.

CORE Kids signature Yogacorns (TM) are unicorns that love yoga.

These gorgeous dice make a fun addition to any yoga or mindfulness class, or setting that enjoys yoga.

Comes with 3 x dice and a pink CORE Kids branded carry bag.

Total of 18 poses. Poses include:

♥ Butterfly pose

♥ Childs pose

♥ Moon pose

♥ Star pose

♥ Dog pose

♥ Lizard pose

♥ Warrior I pose

♥ Warrior II pose

♥ Triangle pose

♥ Boat pose

♥ Cobra pose

♥ Cat pose

♥ 3 legged dog pose

♥ Tree pose

♥ Chair pose

♥ Aeroplane/ Warrior III pose

♥ Dancer pose

♥ Koala pose


Wooden dice

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4cm x 4cm x 4cm

Care Instructions

Keep dry. Use under supervision.

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